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Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
They don't care. Sid is not allowed to take a break and get away from hockey for any reason. It's amazing how he manages to keep his composure with all of these demands and the criticism he takes over petty shit like this. I'd have snapped out a long time ago.
You and me both.

I read a book by an author that followed him throughout his entire rookie season and one of the passages in the book that came of it resonates with me and is a great insight into Sid.

The author often marveled at Sidney's ability to handle the media, to not only handle it but to do it with constant patience and constant class.

As she was watching from a far, she couldn't help but feel for him from what the masses in the media were saying and asking him, yet he was never rude in his responses and never showed his aggravation thru facial expressions or what he gave back in responses. (Not meaning to drag Ben into this, but for comparision I've seen many interviews with Ben where he and his demeanor couldn't hold a candle to Sid).

What stood out was what she observed with Sid's bare feet and how his toes were intensely curled and literally digging into the carpet unconsciously to those around him and probably him himself when in a media scrum. He gets it, and he isn't immune to it, yet he won't stoop to the level so many other athletes have.

He's amazing, and this is when he was just eighteen years old.

Pisses me off that, outside of Pittsburgh, he isn't given the due he is deserving for conducting himself in such an honorable fashion as the prominent player in his sport.

Sid's been nothing but someone worth celebrating, and it's been long due that someone came along such as himself to show how it should be done.

Just a shame that not everyone can see that.
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