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Default Re: Madden 11 QB ranking and Ben

My order:

1. Drew Brees -Now that he's won a SB, let's give him the credit. I've had him on my fantasy team many times and this guy produces. People say stats aren't everything but now he has a ring. People mentioned Colston but he didn't miss a beat when Colston went down. People mentioned his OC. He didn't miss a beat with a new one. People mentioned the scheme and a good O-Line. Give him some damn credit. If he goes down from the Madden curse this year, then we'll be able to see whether anyone can throw in that offense. Brees is no fluke.

2. Tom Brady - One of only 2 men I would want for sure at the end of a game. The guy can play.

3. Ben Roethlisberger - Another one of only 2 guys I would want at the end of a game. Ben is great. I won't focus on holding the ball too long since that is his style. If there is one area I think he needs to improve on is accuracy...a little. Sure, we never know where the ball is supposed to go and we always give him credit that he threw it high or low so the defender couldn't get to it but there have been some times where if he had put it in a better spot, his receiver could have had YAC. If he had receivers who did not go out of their way (e.g. Plaxico), these passes could look worse (overthrown or underthrown etc.). He's a closer though. Ben proved last year that he CAN put up the numbers if the Steelers allow him to.

4. Peyton Manning - He is a highly efficient QB who is showing he can do it with any receivers. He occasionaly chokes in big end of game situations.

5. Aaron Rodgers -amazing QB but I can't tell you how many times he has choked right at he end of a game. If he can fix that and come through consistently, he will be one of the great ones.

6. Phillip Rivers -Meh ...he always puts up good stats but he is not always good at leading a comeback. Break his rhythm and he's through.

7. Brett Farve -a legend but chokes sometimes. Unorthodox. High stakes risk taker.

8. Tony Romo - He seems to have all the tools and the escapability. Maybe it's his coordinator.

9. Donavan McNabb - For many years they would not get him any weapons and he never had a running game. They finally got him weapons and now they traded him to a team weapons (except Moss). He has had some chokage too. lol

10. Eli Manning - Eli doesn't have the right weapons. Even with Burress, Burress would not go out of his way tocatch a pass. I think Eli would love to have been throwing to Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace and Heath Miller...even with our line. They need to get him someone special. Brandon Marshal should have been considered. Demarius Thomas also.
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