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Default Re: Madden 11 QB ranking and Ben

Originally Posted by scsteeler View Post
Below is my order and Brady has a question mark beside him! Now to the question about franchise QB. The goal behind a quote franchise QB is someone that can in the future take your team to the SB and win it! At least that is what I say you want in a Franchise QB.

Of the QB's listed below 6 of them have been to SB's and of that list 5 have won at least 1 SB and now the list gets slim when you list the names of QB's that have won at least 2 or more SB and of that list you only have:

Tom Brady & BenRoethlisberger

And again I say Franchise QB's are ones that you want to take you to and win the SB.

And that saying that well He had a lot of talent around him, well all SB teams have talent on them and good defenses but no matter what the statistics can that QB perform in that crucial moment to lead his team to the win and that is where a lot of these guys fall short.

I have to disagree with Rod & Muhsin Muhammad about Franchise QB's. That does not mean that a QB that never wins the SB should not be considered a Franchise QB.
of course QB's who never won a super bowl can still be franchise QB's. dan marino is the best example. one player will never win a game no matter how good they are without help. look at ben this season, it was his best one but still we did horrible. to many people give all the credit of winning to the QB's but its the team. Eli Manning won the big game and did horrible.
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