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Default Re: Madden 11 QB ranking and Ben

Originally Posted by polamalubeast View Post
Peyton Manning deserves to be first.

I think it's a feat for Peyton Manning to have led his team to the super bowl in 2009.

The Colts were not so impressive that his team in 2009 and I think its very impressive that Manning lead his team to 14 win.

The colts defense is very average and had no running game.

In addition to the super bowl, Freeney's injury has made very hurt Colts.

When the Colts have no pass rush, their defense is very bad.

The Colts defense has to stay too long on the ground in the super bowl, which has reduced the number of Possession for the Colts offensive.

Moreover, onside kick for the saints at the beginning of 3rd quarter has hurt the Colts.

I think any other QB that would have been able to lead the Colts to 14 victories and participation in the super bowl in 2009.

The best team win the Super Bowl, especially if one considers that Freeney was very reduced.

The Colts have rarely been good defensively since they have Manning.

The colts defense has had good stats in 2005 and 2007 but they have played badly in the playoffs.

In 2006, the Colts had one of the worst defense against the run in the history of the NFL, but Manning led the team to 12 win.
i was being sarcastic about manning. i think he is the best QB of all time. he is the colts. without him there nothing. there defense, offensive line and running game isnt very good but still manning wins an mvp and takes the team to the superbowl. even though his line is mediocre at best he isnt sacked alot because of his quick release.
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