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Default Re: Ben deny's ignoring playbook

Originally Posted by hardwork

Bardy had to wait a year for the guy infront of him to get hurt. Ben only had to wait a few days. That's what happens when you join a weak team, you get to play right away.
1st off, must have skipped over this post because I would have commented on this a while ago. Ben's success had nothing to do with joining a weak team. He was not supposed to start his 1st year in the league, but under the circumstances he was given the chance (circumstances being injury...not losing). He was brought into a perfect situation for a rookie to be in. He was surrounded by a good system with good players, so that even with a limited playbook he was able to make things happen (and yes, I'm sure he did have to do some improvising along the way, but I don't see him improvising to help Plax, but to win-which he did up until the AFCC)
Originally Posted by hardwork
That's true. But think about this. We still beat your star QB with a rookie, a converted WR, et al, in our defensive backfield. What does that say about Big Ben and his play calling?'s true you guys beat us in the Playoffs (thanks for pointing it out) but lets talk some fact.
1) Our defense did not put the pressure on Brady the did in the regular season game we beat you (yes...and go ahead and say "But we didn't have Dillon" well when our starting RB was injured this season, we still got the job done, it's called depth. You don't blame a loss on a couple of move on)
Anyways...10/31/04: Brady was 25/43, 271 yrds, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, 1 FUM, 4 SKs (72.9 rating). My point here is when put under pressure Brady did not look like the same Brady we saw in the playoffs where he was 14/21, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 0 FUM, 2 SKs, and a 130.5 rating (the big thing that stand out here to me is the differnce in # of atts)...the same can be said for Ben...just reverse the games.
2) The biggest factors were turnovers. The Patriots challanged Ben in the AFCCG, and in the 1st half...the Steelers did not give Ben much of a chance to put it in the air except for on 3rd downs...esp. 3rd and longs because we were running the ball every 1st and 2nd down in that game. They were playing a very conservative offense and it was very easy to predict the play calling for the Pats D (hell, if I knew what was coming...I would hope a defense would too). The bottom line is the Pats took chances in that game, and we didn't-case closed.
Back to the improvising...Ben didn't have many opportunities to improvise in that game, which may have resulted in his 1st loss as a starter in the NFL!

Sorry so long...but I had a lot to say!
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