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Default Re: Madden 11 QB ranking and Ben

Originally Posted by Psyychoward86 View Post
Steve Smith (no, the other steve smith) is the most underrated receiver in football, and the giants have had a knack in the last couple of years of getting young wide receivers to kick it into high gear FAST
I didn't watch the Giants a lot last year but the previous 2 years I did and I must say, that Eli throws some balls like Ben sometimes that if the receiver would dive or jump he wouldn't look so bad but when they don't he looks terrible. If Hines, Heath, Santonio, and Wallace didn't do a lot of diving and jumping, Ben would look bad at times. I've seen the look on Eli's face. Plax was the worst offender. He never would want to dive and often wouldn't leap fully. I know he played hurt a lot so that may have been an issue but still.
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