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Default Re: Best trade(s) worst trade(s) in Pens history?

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Naslund for Stojanov still goes down as the worst trade in Pens history. Naslund goes on to great things in Vancouver, while Stojanov didn't even play 20 games for the Pens. That one still irks me to this day. The Jagr trade? Brutal. Are any of those guys they got in that trade still playing hockey anywhere? Zubov for Hatcher is up there and is underrated as far as bad trades go.

Best trades have to be Zalapski/Cullen/Daniels for Francis/Ulfie/Jennings, Recchi+others for Tocchet/K. Samuelsson/Wregget, and let's face it, trading for Kunitz and Guerin last season was brilliant, and they didn't have to give up the store to get either one of them.
That was a bad trade no doubt. But Patrick's hand was forced due to money and Jaromir's meltdown. Anyone know what the Rangers offered for Jagr? I think they were the underbidder? And did the Caps sweeten the pot with cash? I know the team was all but bankrupt at that point, so maybe operating capital was of more value than on ice talent?

It's been a while i can't remember exactly?

By the way as for all time great deals I don't think we gave up much for Larry Murphy? that's got to be right up there with the best.
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