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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Ginn is still in play. In case you haven't been paying attention, his trade value was equal to that of Santo's,, yeah, even though there are mitigating circumstances, it's intellectual dishonesty to pretend that that the two are in ANY way related outside of a few people who are angry with me for pointing out their multiple errors, and those sour losers simply playing sour grapes because I have audacity to point out that they are frequently wrong.

Also, concerning his "discussion value", Bill Bates is still discussed, and ONLY as a Special teamer. So it's a little premature for the braintrust to dismiss Ginn 12 years early...and he COULD (unlike Limas Bust) end up being a serviceable #2 at WR.
So let's see, you give a man who was a second round pick a higher standard than what you give the 9th pick overall. At least that's how it seems your showcasing it. His trade value was only equal to Santo's because of Santo's off field issues. Do you truly believe that Santo would have gone for a 5th rounder had he been clean and sober?

Ginn being a servicable #2 is laughable. The man is afraid to take a hit, the man is afraid to play the sport the way it's meant to be played. Then again if Goodell continues to diminish the rules to make it powder puff then I don't see any reason why Ginn won't make it as a HOF'er. But until the complete pansification of the league Ginn will be nothing more than a joke of a player who will only be used as a STer, and the occasionaly 3rd or 4th WR.

It is cute how you completely rule out Limas because of his first few years (and probably injury) as being a potential but your man love for Ginn still has him as serviceable.

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