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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Dude, WTF? Have you let YOUR hatred of me and my posts blind you? First off, circumstances are EVERYTHING in this case! To ignore all the mitigating circumstances is ludicrous. Santo is a pothead, but Ginn is not, and, yes, that is part of the equation. Limas was NOT injured for his first two years, he's injured now. And, news flash, injuries are a big part of busts, look at Steve Emtman. If you want to play "what if" games you are more than welcome to, but i prefer to keep it apples to apples.

The fact remains, Ginn has played, has won games, has had productive games, and has contributed. Was he worth a 9 overall? HELL NO! But Limas Sweed is an absolute waste of a draft pick and a roster spot. Steely McBeem has contributed more, and still, for some unkinwn reason, the fans cling to some ridiculous notion that he can be redeemed. Why? And, you speak of hypocrisy? Hypocrisy is making these huge leaps of "logic" that Sweed will come back but Ginn is a waste. It's retarded....Ginn has had single quarters of one football game where he accomplished more than Sweed has in his whole NFL career!

The true beauty of all this is it reeks of desperation...I made it quite clear, and earlier than most, that Sweed was a bust. Certain third string posters here took umbrage and sat out on a quest to somehow, instead of facing that self-evident fact, diaparge and discredit me by linking my support for an alumnus of a team I follow to Sweed. By making that leap it's actually YOUR camp who makes the relation, NOT ME!

You guys need to grow up and stop this. Ginn is what he is, and he's not worth a 9th overall, but he's still playing and a has a future in the league. Sweed future is far murkier...stop trying to tie the two together simply because you don't like me calling you and yours out openly on this board.

First of all DUDE, I don't hate you. I think your pompous, arrogant, and stubbornly opinionated to the point of humor. Other than that, you'r just some other person in cyber space that has no affect on my emotions.

Second if you want to compare apples to apples then maybe you should look at Ginn's production based on his position in the draft. IMO, he's a bust simply by the position he was picked and his lack of production for such a place - regardless of the fact that he wasn't worth a 2nd rounder, most people predicted him to be nothing more than a special teamer. You've listed his stats and you obviously feel they are impressive enough to warrant him a success story. Hell even Ryan Leaf had stats, even a few W's.

Hyprocisy is when you constantly show man-love for one and think he's still got this great potential while instantly washing one out (regardless of reason). Truth be told they both still have potential. Doesn't matter the circumstance, the only difference now is that Sweed has a tougher climb in front of him because of where he is at this moment.

If by chance he doesn't have another oppotunity to play, then he was nothing more than a wasted pick, like so many before him.

Yeah, you've called me out. OH NO, what am I to do (insert sarcasm smiley here)!? It's been apparent from day one that you have a man crush on Ginn and through that man crush you've also helped tie the two together.

For someone who thinks this should stop, you certainly have carried it forward just as everyone else. So if you don't want it to continue, then follow your own instructions - stop!

But I digress, this is suppose to be about Tebow. I wait for the day for Tebow to show everyone who projected him to be something else, that he can be a quality QB.

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