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Originally Posted by steelreserve
Nobody would have caught Willie on that run even if they ran the 40 in 2.5 seconds. He made people miss, and all of a sudden anyone within 10 yards of him had fallen on their butts, was the key factor there.

Speed alone does not make a player a big-play threat or a "possession" guy. It gives you a slight advantage, but I'd put it about 15th on any list of things that would separare a good receiver from an excellent one.

And I honestly don't know whether Nance has all the moves and skills to make him a great receiver. I haven't seen much of the guy. I'm just saying you shouldn't discount him based on speed alone. Maybe it turns out he doesn't have any special moves and can't get himself open. In which case we should forget about him. I'd just look for other things besides speed in a WR.
Trufant had the angle on Parker on that run and he still couldnt get him. Willie is the fastest running since Bo Jackson. The only running back I have ever seen that had a long career, talent and lighnting speed, was Tony Doresett..
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