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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
If you believe 5000 yards is every bit as good as 69 yards, and 8 TD's are as good as zero, then, yes, you are correct.

Ginn was overrated and has not lived up to his draft spot, but he shouldn't have been drafted that high to begin with. How that's his fault is anyone's guess, but when you braintrust guys get rolling...

Sweed is just a flat out bust, and continually diverting attention from it by attacking me does nothing to change the fact...but it's fun! I can keep this up for several seasons....
I don't think it's as good as Sweed's stats, but when the man was drafted in the top 10, he should have better stats and should have evolved in to a better WR.

And while it's not his fault he got drafted at #9, just as it's not Sweed's fault he had the injury he did coming out of camp. It happened, and while some here were hoping this would be his turning point, we'll never know...but when you guru guys get rolling....

And Ginn wasn't worth the 5th rounder he got traded for in this past draft. And constantly showing your man-love for him. And it's amazing that you want to throw out the "attacking me" battle cry, but yet fail to see that you have also been on the attack, but hey don't let that stop you from crying foul.

And I know you can keep it for seasons, I've seen your incessant rants for awhile now. I must say they're okay, they do pass the time when the workflow is slow.

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