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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Sweed is a bust. Ginn is irrelevant, and was only brought up because some people got mad that I correctly labeled Sweed a bust. Ginn is a red herring...time to let it go, admit Sweed is a bust, and move along now...

Oh, and Tebow will be a bust at QB, too...since that IS the topic of this thread...
OH SO SORRY MR. GURU, I shall follow your orders immediately and claim Sweed a bust and Ginn a fish, oh wait he was already a fish - now he's a gold digger out in SF. NOT ON YOUR FREAKIN' LIFE! will I conform to your thought process.

And I'm so glad you've got your crystal ball right next to you to pronounce Tebow a failure already without even having taken a snap outside of practice. Oh mighty GURU will you please enlighten me to the next set of winning numbers to the POWERBALL?

Since it's time to let it go will this be the last time we see you in this thread? Or does your intricate self desire to constantly prance about your self projected correctness make it impossible for you to "Let it go" until everyone else stops discussing their opinion and assimilates to yours?

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