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Default Re: What saying do you hate the most

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
when my tween daughter says "I know" when I tell her something. Example

"honey you left your shoes out again"
"I know"

Oh You Know Huh, so you intentionally left them in the middle of the effing floor so I could trip over them! You know huh?

Or, "Honey, you need to pick your laptop up off the floor or the baby is going to get onto it and mess it up"
"I know"

OH! YOu know huh? You know that an 800 dollar piece of computer equipment is just laying in the middle of the fcking floor and the baby is crawling is way over to drool into the keyboard or worse, bite down on the power cable that is not even plugged in which by the way "You forgot to put the safety plug back into the outlet honey" "I know" OH! AGAIN! You know HUH! So You are intentionally trying to kill your brother is that it!

Anyway, I hate that. "I know" You don't fcking Know or I wouldn't have to EFFING TELL YOU!

(for the record, I don't yell those things at her, so you don't think I'm some Psycho Dad, those are the things I wish I could say. Probably stop the entire "I Know" thing if I did just once, go off like that. But I don't.)

I'll try it on my 19 year old daughter and let you know how it works out.

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