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Default Re: Hartings restructured...

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
c. okolbi has a 6-7 year career ahead of him. hes spent years studying from one of the best. this is hartings final year it sounds, and okolbi will be more than groomed to take over without no drop off. we may even see a slight upgrade. if not the steelers wouldnt have been paying him what they have been paying him.
Exactly right. Okobi is the center of the future. Or is he? That's at least what his contract is saying. If you look at the deal he signed in 03, he is set to make starting center money this year. Obviously, Hartings doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Okobi's value now seems to be more of a multi-dimensional interior lineman as opposed to a starting center. He would have been released if he wasn't able to play three positions.

In regards to Mangold, whom everyone seems to be really big on this site, they shouldn't take him at 32, and he won't be there at 64. Plus the amount of money they now are giving to Hartings over the next two years and Okobi for how many ever he has (Tony, do you know that off-hand?), taking a center that high seems a bit confusing.
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