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Originally Posted by steelreserve
This is what cracks me up about 40-yard dash times. You run a 4.40, you're fast. You run a 4.55, and you're struggling.

But think about how this works on the football field. If you're a tenth of a second faster than a defensive back in the 40, it means you'll be a whole two or three feet ahead of him on a 40-yard bomb if you were both running full-tilt straight down the field. That's nothing. Defensive backs have no problem tackling you or knocking down the ball when you're less than a yard away. One decent move will get you much more wide open.

The ability to make moves, find holes, and most importantly, catch the ball and hold on to it when it doesn't hit you right in the numbers, is what makes a good receiver. Everybody's fast in the NFL; you're not just going to run past the cornerbacks, and they're not going to be able to cover you just because they're fast either.

If the 40 time was that important, James Jett would hold every receiving record, and Jerry Rice wouldn't have ever made it on an NFL roster. In his prime, Rice ran a 4.6 in the 40, for chrissakes. I haven't seen much of Nance, but if his moves and hands are there, I say go for him. His "slow" speed only works in our favor, since people won't use a high pick on him.
that 2-3 feet is everything. that is the difference of being a good offense and a great offense. it is why so much emphasis is put on the 40 times for offensive players or defenders. its all about the match -ups when plays are drawn up, the ones where 2-3 feet of seperation is created are the ones that win every time, especially in the downfield passing game.

i keep hearing s. moss but has the steelers ever drafted someone from the U? i cant think of any, let alone any position players.
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