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Default Farewell Kimo, ARE, and Hope! (Good Luck...)

Instead of locating each thread that speaks about these individual players and commenting, I figured I'd group them all into one post.

Kimo will be missed, but most of us knew his departure was going to happen. Brett Kiesel is such an energetic, awesome player - so - add that together with Kimo's age and you knew his fate.

I'll miss him, as he is quite a class act. At this past season's Bengals playoff game - Kimo stayed 30-45 minutes AFTER the game to sign autographs, pose for photos and just talk 'bout the outcome of the game. He was already feeling so bad for taking C. Palmer out of the game, but it was an awesome move by him. Plus, he'd walk through the tailgating parking lots to reach the stadium before games and letcha talk with him and stuff. Cannot ask for much more.

I was kind of shocked the Steelers did NOT persue Chris Hope more agressively then they did. He played a VITAL role in our Super Bowl run all season long and came up big in the playoffs. I figured he'd want to stay with a super bowl caliper team (since he is so young) to have the chance for future championships. How can he do that with the Titans? Hope's team decission shocks me as well. Ah well, just more reason to dislike free agency so much.

Just like Kimo, we'll all miss ARE - but - we knew we wouldn't be able to keep him after our SB victory. Chalk up another win for free agency. When ARE saw how much $$ most receivers were fetching, he starting packing his bags.

First, I do NOT agree he is worth the $$ he fooled the Redskins into paying him. That is either QB-type $$ or star receiver $$. Chicago had a much better estimate of his worth. Even though most fans are downplaying his worth to our offense, his absence is going to be seen during our play next season. He added the X-factor. He is the reason so many of our trick plays worked. Hopefully, we'll still be able to have that 'element of surprise' in our offense without ARE.

#67, #82, and #28 will all be missed, but...we CAN still repeat as SB champs without them. :)
(on the SB Victory) "The strangest part was when I got here, working out, and the strength coach, (John) Lott, kept talking about not winning it," McFadden said after practice. "In the back of my mind, I'm like, 'Well, I won it.' " - Bryant McFadden
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