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Wink Almost got into it w/ a ratbird fan today..

Let me preface this little story by saying Im normally known for being a pretty level headed, easy going guy... and I do consider myself to be that on a normal basis...BUT

So anyway, after work, I went to the grocery store, to pick up something for dinner, and in line in the check out low and behold in front of me is a guy w/ a purple lanyard keychain w/ the ratbird logo on it, and a purple tattoo of the ratbird head on his leg. He was wearing shorts so it was quite visible. He turned around and noticed I was holding my checkbook, which has a Steelers cover on it. He says, "Oh, ur a Steelers fan", I said yeah, what the hell is that supposed to mean? He said the only real team is the ravens and that York pa is ravens country. I literally laughed in his face, and told him to get a life and wake up from his dream world. York has always been Steeler country and it always will be, so take your gay ray ass on up the line will ya!!! He goes, you know ur not a real fan unless you have a tattoo of ur team on your ankle. I said oh really, so you do realize that you have a tattoo of a purple bird on your leg? A purple bird dude, how gay is that? Not to mention it's an ugly raven! He goes, yeah whatever, atleast I have the guts to sport my team with a tattoo. WRONG ANSWER BUDDY! I proceeded to show him my Steelers tattoo,and told him, atleast Im not sporting purple, and people actually compliment my tattoo instead of laughing at it!

By then u could tell he was getting alittle pissed off.. he goes, what have you guys done lately? huh? atleast we got a super bowl title.. I said yeah, all we've done is get 4 of them! so come talk to me when you can say that. He goes, atleast we have one in this decade; and I said, well come talk to me when you can get 4 in less than a decade, and come talk to me when you have the caliber of playes in the HOF that we do,and come talk to me when you have a QB who is as talented as big ben, and a HOF running back like bettis, and further more.. come talk to me when you can actually sit in your stadium, and NOT be cheering for a bunch of theives, dealers, and murders who wear purple uniforms, play in a purple stadium, and have their fans wear nothing but purple!! So take your RATBIRD ass up on outta the store cuz you are way out of your league ass&$#@ ! He then got a call on his cell phone, and left the store.

So there you have it, my little excitment for the day. Yeah, I could have taken the high road and walked away, but damnit,Im a Steelers fan forever, and nobody is going to talk down on my team without getting something in return!
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