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Default Re: Mocha Latte Is Stepping Down As Mod

Originally Posted by Mocha Latte View Post
I would just like to let everyone know that I am stepping down as mod here on SteelersFever, it is obvious to everyone that this site can not move forward with a 49er fan as a Mod here and I don't want to be a constant reminder to others that this site doesn't take its membership seriously. They can find a Steeler fan to take on the responsibility. I only wanted to help get the site back on track but most of the members can't get past the fact that I am a 49er fan on a Steeler site. As I have told others, I didn't come here as a favor to Matthew or Pete, both of whom I don't know, I didn't come here to sabotage anything, only to add my comments and a little fun but neither was taken that way.

I have already notified Matthew of my intention and I wish all of you good luck in getting this site moving in the right direction.

Thank you
I think that's a good idea. Besides, the board sucks don't want to be apart of a sinking ship.
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