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Default 16 team IDP/PPR annual auction league, 2 franchises available

If your a hard core fantasy football player like us then this could be the league for you. We (Paragon Fantasy Football) are running a 16 team annual league with an auction/salary cap used to select and maintain your players over the course of the season. It's a IDP/PPR league and has 32 man rosters (16 starters/16 bench spots). This league is an ideal launching point if you wanted to try IDP and/or auction leagues for the first time. Many of our players use this as a starting point before trying our dynasty leagues. As you will see from the below links and info, all monies are held at If you are interested in following up on this league, please email Chris & Brian at

We have 14 teams filled for this league and are looking for 2 more. The Auction will start on 2nd Aug 3:00pm ET.

Here is a copy of the link to the league -

This is a link to all of the league rules -

Lastly, this is a link to our website which will give you a great idea what we are about -

Paragon Fantasy Football is a "not for profit" set of leagues with 100% payout after $70 fees with all money held by so no chance of fraud. Our leagues designed not to be 1-3 years and then done. We have five leagues in 2010 including this one. It's going to be an intense, fun league, and I'd suggest that if you read through the rules, testimonials from fellow players, many of which are already signed up in this new league, you'll realize this is exactly the kind of league that can become your "premier" league year in and year out... worthy of the time you invest in this sport. Why play in 4-5 $50 leagues when you can invest in a $200 league with big prize pools and where all the owners have enough skin in the game to care a lot about their teams and sticking around for the long-haul? Where winning it yields thousands in prize money, not just the leftovers after league fee and a pat on the back. People get invested emotionally in Paragon leagues, which is why we have an incredibly high retention of owners and the pretty universal feeling among people that have played in other leagues that this isn't soulless corporate fantasy football, nor is it the near-free leagues started by high-school students that crash and burn with alarming frequency... but rather, your fantasy home. Come find out why this claim isn't just hype.


* 16 team annual league
* Live Auction used to select players run on the MFL league wesbite
* $1000 salary cap in effect for the whole season
* 32 man rosters (16 starters/16 bench spots)
* The proven, balanced Paragon PPR scoring system.
* Unique 5 team playoff format is the fairest playoff structure we have found and is modelled on international Rugby playoffs.
* Auction to commence on 2nd Aug 3:00 pm ET
* Auction is won when highest bidder holds the bid for 12 hours.
* $200 entry fee
* Wonderful grounding in Paragon leagues
* This is a perpetual league which will run year after year as an annual league
* As a Paragon league player you will get first shot at any future orphaned teams and entry into new 2011 leagues

Best Regards,

Brian Hatch & Chris Kuszelyk
Co-Commissioners and Players
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