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Default Re: is there a new COC in place that we dont know about?

Like it or not this post is about this thread. The tread is about the abuse of power on this board, which I think does exist. You allowed a certain member take whole sell shots at two other members. You never banned him or even deleted his posts. Yet when they tried to answer back they were both immediately banned. Then you started deleting post to cover your tracks. Why? Because you have a personal vendetta against the two you wanted to ban as soon as possible, and you will ban me as soon as you figure out that I will not let this abuse go unnoticed.

I have been a member of this board for a very long time, and if you are honest, you will have to say have not often resorted to name calling. Now you can delete this if you want, but I want to know why you are showing favoritism to some on this board and seem to already have you finger on the ban button with others. If you have the guts to answer.

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