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Default Re: Members Choice Awards???

Yeah I'm not for hyping it up too much, but if we just post it all the way and keep winnings down to maybe a special post with some cool fonts then it keeps the message as just a way to say "thanks" but without hurting feelings. Keep categories to a minimum, no best supporting poster in a daytime thread categories please. Here are my suggestions...

Time frame: opens at season start week 1, closes on Sunday before SuperBowl Offseason is offseason work on getting over not winning or whatever.

Open to all members, but voting is doen in a week time frame. Ballots done on Championship Monday.

+Most Informative Member (ie most up to date poster)
+Funniest Member (most likely to crack a joke for every post)
+Nicest Member (who is the PR member of SF?)
-Favorite Moderator (we know this, so is it necessary? Tons of Respect though BRC)
+Favorite Non-Steelers Member (I actually like this category a lot)
-Favorite Female Member (kinda vague, why this category? why not guys?)
+Favorite Ohio Member (I'd go for favorite new member(rookie-1st year member))
+Most Knowledgable (About Steelers History) Member (combine with NFL knowledge)
-Most Knowledgable (About the NFL) Member (see above)
-Best Signature Creator (see Mod category, Might add later thogh, T.O.R.T. BB2W)
+Best Signature (more useful than above so it stays)
-Best Use of Avatars (don't understand, couldn't care)
+Superthread Poster (who gets the members typing is a great category)
+Biggest Smack-Talker (Blast Furnace Championship should always be defended)
-Biggest Post W%@$ (we don't want it anyway so lose this category)

I'm at nine so to make an even ten lets throw in: SF achievement award. This should be about making the site better so lets give one to those who make good ideas better by implementing new software(or whatever two hamsters in a wheel keep this site running), t-shirt ideas, get togethers, etc.

Procedure: If unofficial, I don't know if mod can set up poll threads on Champ Mon to end in a week, then we vote and a simple cool font post is then made by mod and we all clap and cheer and get on with the offseason. If not then one of us do it.

Well its a start. So help fine tune it.
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