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Default Re: USA Eliminated

You know, this is shameful for the US. Yeah, I know it's a Global game, and, yeah, the international players are good, but tell me if I'm wrong here.

Shouldn't a lineup that includes several future HOFers be able to score more than 3 runs against slightly better than average pitching from Mexico over 18 freaking innings?

Hell, a bad call against Japan, and the game against Mexico wouldn't have even mattered. It's one thing for the Hockey team to only be mediocre in the Olympics, since the sport of Hockey is a distant 5th in popularity in the US, but baseball is supposed to be our national pasttime (although we all know football is the #1 sport).

I'm sticking with Rome's take. If the US basically hosts and sponsors the thing, but can't even compete, let alone win the damned thing, then don't even bother having it.
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