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Originally Posted by steelerfan5 View Post
I'm thinking about buying a parking pass for the Red 5 parking garage from somebody who is selling theirs. In the past, I have parked at Station Square and the Casino. I usually wait in line for an hour just to board the ferry after the game, and when I parked at the Casino last year, I sat in the parking garage for an hour before I even got out. My question is, will leaving the West General Robinson garage (red 5) be any faster?



If you're not tailgating, I've found the best place to park if you're heading back towards Monroeville, is to park across the river. There is a garage right across the Clemente Bridge from PNC park. It's a little bit of a walk, but like you already said you're just going to be sitting in traffic anyway. About a brisk 15 minute walk. It's $5 and you end up beating most of the traffic out of the city.

I've sat in those lots for up to 2 hours before and not moved 50 ft. Never in Red 5, but I can't imagine it's much better with all the cars and walking traffic leaving the stadium.
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