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Default Steelers@Bills 11/28 - 2 great seats

Long-time remote Buffalo Bills season ticket holder posting with 2 tix to the Nov 28 game in Buffalo. I will not be able to fly up for this game but I have great seats for a visiting fan. They are in sec 113, row 6, seats 1-2 (aisle). They are right behind the bench but you can still see the entire field and they are across from the scoreboard/video screen for replays. My avatar has a picture of the seat view but those are from the Bills website and are taken from the middle of row 11. My seats are between 35-40 yd line. Here is a link to the Bills website for seating views: This is a prime location for opposing team fans and can see the team up close. Before the game starts it has been common for opposing team fans to high-five/greet the players at this location. Aisle seats mean you can be among the first down to the stadium rail edge at the field. But, if you are an ahole @ the game you'll get tossed from the stadium as security @ Ralph Wilson and other venues has been beefed up.
$350 for the pair - less than Stubhub or any other ticket site and no extra charges. First to contact me via pm and work out an exchange gets 'em. I can send you scans of the tix minus the bar code or whatever you would like to prove I have them. I live near Richmond, VA for any Steeler fans close by though I can priority mail these anywhere as I have done on ebay, etc. in prior seasons. This game is sold out.

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