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Default Back n Silver? more a like black eye

Honestly, where do we begin?
I can go back 30 years ago myself when the raiders first turned me
off. Then what they did to dickerson! They wasted years of his football
just cause they could.
This whole organization puts a black eye on the NFL
At this day and age when not just teams,but the entire NFL has been
doing a great job of giving back to communitys and really doing a great
job these people just turn my stomach.
It all starts at the top,we have a great core at the center of our organization.
And i dont believe they could have a worse one. If we cut that whole franchise
from the leauge i wouldnt lose a minutes sleep. Being drafted into that
situation i couldnt imagin. I would problaby pull a Eli Manning. He was drafted
into futiltiy people.That is a dangerous place to get drafted into,right now its a
black hole for young men finding there way in life,let alone hopeing to
be coached into a great player.
Your best bet , get out while you can.
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