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Default Re: Best And Worst NFL Draft Teams

When you draft consistently well, and you make it a point to keep your great players signed
( ala chicago bears 85 should have won 3 superbowls with a shit quarterback) it may look
like your drafting poorly but with pitt a rookie has a tough time making the team vs say making
st louis rams squad . may look like they drafted well ,they signed everybody they drafted. No they
just had a bunch of shitty players that couldnt beat out a rookie for a position.
As for the patriots, id like a shiek to buy them out and move them to afganastain!!!!!!!

Also, i live in chicago. born and bread. A Steelers fan for 40 years. There cant be a
worse drafting team in the league then the bears. Buddy Ryan was freaking lights out
at drafting talant but had to beg and plead for his guys. Once they were in tact ,ditka fired
buddy ryan and never resigned the defense that could have riveled the curtin given the chance.
every store in chicago has an ex 1st rounder baggen and bringing in carts from the parking lot. want ENIS'S autograph? he's working at JEWEL stocking shelves
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