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Default Re: Question about Steelers X-Mas Cards

Yeah i don't know if there is a way to display the inside and outside of the card without destorying it.And i would'nt suggest you do that as i love these cards as they are rare and unique.When i was putting together my collection i was trying to add these cards but had a tough time finding them.Thanks for the kind words about my collection.I have not been able to sell very much of it,a few items here and there.But every little bit helps.I was just hoping that a rich steelers fan would see it and want to make my steelers room theres-just kidding.Well again thanks
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Yes those are the ones. I haven't seen any from recent years, but the older ones are a traditional card with a steelers theme holiday logo on front and team photo inside. I didn't know if there was a way to mount/display so both could be seen. Also...your collection is beyond impressive. Hope the sale helps you out.
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