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Default solomon wilcox on willie parker

he was on sirius saying that the 75 yd td run willie had in the sb was there several times in the 1st half and willie had the guard beat to the point but kept trying to bounce it outside (hence the early game running struggles and converting 1st downs) we have all seen the clip of jerome coaching willie on the sidelines. wicox relayed that at halftime they talked to willie. showed him what he was doing wrong and calmed him down to be more patient and wait for the plays to develop. next thing you know he has the longest run in sb history.

point is the dude is coachable and learns quick. eager to correct his mistakes even on the biggest stage. while i think we should draft a rb in the 1st 3 rounds i hope its to replace jerome or duce, not willie. i think it may take another year for him to finally catch up to other running backs who have started in college, but when he does watch out.

but i must admitt the thought of willie and lendale white splitting carries, like in USC with reggie bush, is awfully intriguing.
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