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Default Re: TE Factoids, How important are they, anyway?

If you look under the 2nd spread sheet listed in the link at the beginning of this thread, since the first Superbowl, only 5 of the 39 teams winning the Superbowl have had TE receiving % in the single digits. That percentage represents the TE's % of the overall annual passing yards.

What does that say? Something? Nothing?

What it doesn't look at is number of catches or TD's. And that can sometimes be more important that yardage.

What it might say is that it isn't absolutely necessary to involve the TE in the passing game in order to win the Superbowl. But it probably hints that modest involvement of the TE in the passing game is a characteristic of teams winning the Superbowl. While catches or TD's aren't listed, the yardage that the TE's account for is in the double-digits for most Superbowl Champs.
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