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Default Re: solomon wilcox on willie parker

If parker learns like he did in the Super Bowl, Parker has potential to be a 2000 yard back. I do not think most steeler fans realize how amazingly fast he really is. If he learns how to be patient and can see things better, it will be very scaring for teams. And with that scare of him going all the way, it will put HUGE pressure on the Secondary because if they want to play the pass and Willie gets a lane, the defense is screwed. If we cant get Lendale, then I think we have to give Parker a chance to really see where he is at in 2006.

I keep thinking about the Steelers in 2006 and with the FO signings so far, and if we can draft a Carpenter and a Nance, I am seriously scared for teams in the NFL. If the Steelers stay heathy, I just cant see them not repeating. I cant even type the thousand senerios that are due to happen next year. Look at our skill positions, we have a 3rd year QB, a 3rd year RB, a 2nd yr TE, a 3rd year RT, our team is so young they have already won. Its very promising if you are a Steeler fan and I anxious already for th draft and the new year to come...
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