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Default This used to be a good site.........................

This used to be a great site to talk Steeler football, argue certain points, and generally have a good time, but now all you read is name calling, rude and lewd remarks, and generally very juvenile accounts of the Best Team in Sports.

You can respond to this post if you like, you can bash me all you like, I just will not be aware of it. This is my last visit to this site, barring a complete reversal of this site, and then I will only be aware from accounts of others in the real world.

There are about three to six posters who always dominates all the posts and heaven help anyone if they do not agree with their slanted ideas, no need to name names, everyone is aware of the posters. These same posters are the ones who use to give the previous moderators heck and called them Nazis for calling them out on their behavior. Well the current moderators should grow a set and try to keep them in check at least to the point of being civil.
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