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Default Re: WVU in the National Title Race???

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I'm not knocking WVU at all, but I'm sure they'd have the door slammed in their face if they do manage an undefeated's kind of circular logic here, but the argument would be that they SHOULD go undefeated playing a weak schedule. And, although they are an improved program, I don't think they'd survive a full season in either the Big 10 or the SEC. Those top teams just pound on each other so much week in and week out, it really takes something special to survive unscathed.

Again, the way they help themselves is to dump the Buffalo game and pick up a top 20 opponent (Hypothetically, since it's not going to happen at the elenth hour). The Marshall game is okay, because they are a nationally recognized program, plus they have the whole in-state thing going, but Buffalo is a joke...they are a doormat in the MAC.

You're right about the weak schedule. You can't really compare the Big 10 or the SEC (in football) to the big east. But the Big East is a conference on the rise. I think Pittsburgh, Louisville, (both recruited well) and Rutgers will continue to improve.

WVU has a BCS bowl win from last year, we haven't lost players in key positions. With the current BCS system how can an undefeated WVU not be in the big game? Regardless of strength of schedule.

This isn't about if WVU deserves it. It's my opinion that they do, but I'm biased. I would like to hear any arguments for or against WVU making it to the BCS Championship. I think the math adds up.
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