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Default Re: Curious bout Willie P's Contract

Originally Posted by rgleason
For those with knowledge, where do the Steelers stand right now with Willie Parker in terms of Contract? How much is he receiving, and when will we have to decide to give him a serious payday or not?
In 2005 Willie Parker's salary was $305,000 plus he had $4,840 in bonuses (from 2004). So he counted $311,840 against the cap.

Parker is an exclusive rights free agent (ERFA) because he has less than three years of experience. ERFAs have no negotiating leverage, and are essentially bound to the team for a third-year veteran minimum salary, something in the range of $385,000. An ERFA has no ability to negotiate with other teams.

After this year, Parker will be a restricted free agent (RFA). Which means that he would be free to negotiate with other teams and sign an offer sheet. If he signed an offer sheet, the Steelers would have two options ? either match the deal and retain the player, or allow the player to leave. In the latter case, the Steelers would be awarded compensation based upon the level of tender given. A minimum tender is worth a compensatory pick in the round the player was initially chosen, a mid-level tender garners a number one pick as compensation, and a maximum tender is worth a 1st and 3rd round selection. Any compensatory picks would be awarded in that years draft.

So we have until after the 2006 season to make a decision on on how much to pay Willie.
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