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Default Re: New Mods & Input discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Texasteel View Post
This is one of the most ridiculous posts I have read. You sent one of yours to SU in the middle of the night PMing members, trying to steal as many as you could lie to, and then say this. Did you think no one would notice.

SF had better have more member, its been going for about 6 years.

Here is an idea. Why don't you stop bad mouthing SU, SU will not bad mouth SF, and let the members decide where they want to be. I think there is room for both Steelers sites. Or can't you live without trying to trash someone.
Nobodies trying to steal anyone Tex. I messaged only 2 people myself to let them know what was going on but that was it. I was quickly banned after doing so. If someone else did anything, the did so of their own accord.

I could care less if people post at both places, or stay there if they want. You stay where you're comfortable and let everyone else do the same. We'll leave it at that.

Besides, you should be enjoying the game and not worrying about what is going on over here.
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