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Default Re: New Mods & Input discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Texasteel View Post
I hope we can Mom. I would like to keep in touch with some of the people here now, and I know others that feel the same way, but as long as this loose talk is going on, it is hard to take you seriously. Maybe we can start here and now to co-exist. I'll try if you will. Are we all adult enough to do this.
I was never not willing to. And the only loose talk I've done is in the group. And that was me venting there so I didn't upset anyone over at the other board. Apparently going to another board to vent in a group that the mods can't see anymore is still taking it too far for them.

Everyone else complaining on the open board was banned almost a week ago, and I don't disagree that they have reason to be upset.

I was hoping to keep in touch with people there as well, but I guess since I'm a mod in the forbidden place, that's not an option anymore...since I was banned as well, even though I hadn't posted there in 2 days.

I don't want it to be personal for people who want to post at both places though...that doesn't affect me any. So yes, we and pretty much everyone else over there are cool.
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