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Default Re: Account and Forum Issues

OK, I'm going to say something. Those of you who know me understand that I talk 40% of the time, and the beer talks the other 60%, and right now it's the beer's turn. So here it goes.

What happened at SU was bullshit. We can assign blame for the next year, but it doesn't really matter ... it is what it is. I think SU will continue to get better and grow, and I think Hipchest and SCM will help turn SF around and steer it back in the right direction. Those two are the best thing that could have happened to this board.

The last thing I want to see is a war between members (and friends). I have friends back at SU, and I have friends here. So I'm going to post at both places. I don't see a need to choose sides.

If people want to stay at SU, fine. If people want to come here, fine. If people want to post at both, fine. But we don't need a war. WE JUST WENT THROUGH THAT!!!! I had more points, but I'm drunk and tired.
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