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Default Re: Account and Forum Issues

I don't even want to talk about this shit anymore. I'm with Wallace on this.

All that happens when I try to talk about this is I get fvcking pissed off. And I hate being pissed off.

So any member who is posting (or lurking) at both sites, just know we have our opinions and you can have yours about the whole damn situation if you want. I myself will never hold it against you. But for now, I'm just pissed so deal with it.

Don't expect anymore sympathy about it though. I won't give it. If someone makes a snide remark about it every now and then, you're going to just have to understand where we're coming from and deal with it...cause I'm not having anymore of these discussions.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) is welcome to post wherever they please. And I'll never send people over to spy on SU to see if they are saying nasty stuff about us there. I could care less.

I'm just ready for some football and some bullshitting. That's all.

And alcohol.
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