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Default Re: Account and Forum Issues

Just to add my two cents to this shitstorm what the hell is all of this "war" talk? You've got to be kidding me... we're a couple of Steelers fan boards. What exactly would we be doing in this "war"? I for one have better things to be doing with my time, like crossing my fingers during the first four-to-six games of the season.

This sounds like paranoia on the part of the admins over at STFU. It also sounds like they've made their own bed, and now they're afraid to lay in it. Let's recap, shall we?

They trash this joint on their way out, try to "steal" everyone they can, then perma-ban quality posters like Tony, SiCA, Shea, Mom and MoP... OK, well maybe MoP isn't exactly "quality" in the traditional sense, I'll grant that... all for appallingly bad reasons, mostly having to do with them reading peoples' PMs (someone help me out - what does the "P" stand for in "PM" again? Oh, yeah... "PARANOID!"). And now after all of that, they're concerned that we're going to start a "war" with them? Please.

Had they not deleted the entirety of the Braintrust, I could point out to them exactly the moment (during my own idiotic and completely unmerited ban, by the way) where any one of them could have seized the opportunity to extend an olive branch to the lot of us, and say "You know what? We fuc ked up. Sorry about that." No. Not in a million years. That would never happen.

That moment is gone now. Now they're just going to have to deal with us telling anyone who will listen, "Yeah, they read other peoples' private messages over there, to make sure you're behaving yourself." And "They ban people for saying 'I thought you said you could read' to another poster who calls people "fuc king as sholes' regularly". Oh, yeah, and they are also complete hypocrites who talk smack about posters they're planning on banning, all the while scolding others for talking smack about their Troll buddy...

I'd love to hear how any of this is not true, or is libelous or slanderous. If they really don't like me saying these things to anyone who asks, they shouldn't have done any of it to begin with. Don't like people talking about you? Don't do stupid s h i t.

Honestly, I think everything has worked out brilliantly. I couldn't have engineered this outcome any better if I had tried. The Nazis, self-professed domestic terrorists, and autocratic admins are gone from the number one Steeler forum on the web (don't believe me? Check with Google); Mom and Tony are mods at the same; and the season is just about to start. Life is good.

If only I could somehow get rid of MoP...
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