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Default Re: TE Factoids, How important are they, anyway?

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I`m all for spreading the defense. But is a TE necessary for our type of offense. Probably not, but it will be nice having that extra option in our arsenal. Great defense, a great running game. a smart qb with a cannon for a right arm. WR`s like Hines , El, and Wilson, and now a TE. Look out ! Detroit here we come!

Great Research stillers!

You can make a case for a TE being a big part of our offense and making a difference..but unless BC has a HUGE change of mind.. which he could but.... the TE is always going to be mainly a blocker and basically and extra OL w/ good hands to make the occasional catch down the middle of the field, or in the corner of the endzone, or catching a Bettis TD throw.
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