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Default Re: Account and Forum Issues

Originally Posted by Texasteel View Post

Tony you ban me any time you want. You have the power, but unless you drag up old post you will have no legitimate reason for doing so. If you do that you should ban several other people as well.

then you would know how some of us feel and understand our displeasure with the administration over there. for over 4 years i've watched those assclowns ban people while revs only got warnings AND 99.9% of the time , revs never even got a warning untill the person he insulted fired back at him. THE assclowns chastised us for using a social group to "attack" a member... well tex, take a lil stroll thru the trolls club here , and take note of the dozens of members they used their lil group to trash, the group that ALL of the administration over there actively participated in and actively trashed the members THEY didn't like . if you can't see how hypocritical that is, then you need to pull your head out of someones ass so you can get a better look..
if you wanna hang out and post here, by all means post away , but if your only reason of being here is to try to defend the actions of what went down, your wasting your time... we all seen it first hand, we already know the truth, and nothing you say is gonna change a thing or our minds.
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