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Default Re: Account and Forum Issues

Originally Posted by Texasteel View Post
Tony I sent you a PM only after you took a shot at me for reading your group.

Pete would have had a perfect right to ban me, I saw several different people banned for less, but he didn't. You will have to ask him why. The argument between us was over a indecent thread that I was trying to get taken down. I was also congratulated after the tread was deleted, by one here now saying. "WE did a good job." WE meaning he and I.

Tony you ban me any time you want. You have the power, but unless you drag up old post you will have no legitimate reason for doing so. If you do that you should ban several other people as well.

MOM thanks for trying to restore sanity to an insane situation.
i did consider it but i decided this board was better with you then without you. as for the others who were banned for less, it wasnt by my doing. people do not get banned here for arguing with mods. it used to be that way but those days are long over and i hope you stick around
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