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Default Re: So, who's going to step up & be our return guy now?

Originally Posted by Avoid Lloyd
Please don't let it be Colclough....I've never seen someone consistently run into the pile as much as he does.
Hear Hear!!! You hit the Bullseye on that one! Or he just dances too much (like Willie) and gets dropped for little/no gain. Don't get me wrong, I love Fast Willie to death...but if he would just turn upfield and go, then he would at least pck 1 or 2 yards instead of losing 2 or 3 (like in SB XL!). Watch him...he will pause, dance, and lose ground...and as posted above, bust one wide open to get his numbers up. Hmmmmmm....

I'd like Sinorice too! Contrary to MichiSteeler's comment.

For MichiSteeler: How tall is SB XL's MVP? By far, NOT the tallest Receiver out there!

Go for Sinorice! Go for Sinorice! Go for Sinorice! Go for Sinorice! Go for Sinorice!
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