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Default Re: Farewell Kimo, ARE, and Hope! (Good Luck...)

I will miss Kimo as well, normally once players leave Pittsburgh for more money i dont really care much about them anymore, but i hope he has a few good years in Ny with the Jets. They will be shitty and not any good, but i am sad he is leaving.

Hope on the other hand, See Ya. He missed tackles, got ran over, wasnt exactly great when he had to cover someone down the middle of the field. Sure he hit hard, but i just didnt feel he was worth keeping for the money he wanted. Especially after he started telling himself and others how great he thought of himself, i could go back to plenty of plays where he was screwing up. I liked him, but he is definately a case of being on a team who won the Superbowl and cashing in on it. I think Clark will do just as well as hope and come at a very much cheaper price.
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