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Default Re: with townsend signed, whats up for taylor?

No team is going to give up a first round pick for Taylor. Most Steeler fans are the ones who think he is the second coming of Rod Woodson, not other teams. He is still faily new at position. He missed tackles, he missed ALOT of easy INT's and also he has some work to do on his coverage skills. He played well at times, then other times he really didnt look so great. I think we will resign him in the summer time, after the draft. We have Townsend, Ricardo C , McFadden and Taylor and i would think that will be our corners for years to come. Tyrone Carter will be an all pupose back up at the safety positions and corner if needed .. he showed that he can play when he got more of a chance down the stretch. If anything, they may sign a CB late in draft to come in that could be a reaplacement for Townsend and/ if Ricadro C doesnt work out. Yaylor will get signed this summer to a longer deal after our draft picks are in camp and the Steelers can see how much money they will have to play with down the road.
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