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Default Re: Most Memorable Steeler Moments

My first trip to 3 rivers...was a couple grades under my sister's class but got to join their field trip anyways(can't remember why). We took the gateway clipper over to the stadium and it was one of those early mornings you see on NFL films with the mist everywhere. Then you come around the point and see the stadium and being under 10 at this point, it really is larger than life. Then I can't remember much but the next memory is we were getting a backstage tour of some sort and the lower hallways were so dark, but then we get led out onto the field through the access way by the endzone and its like the Wizard of Oz when it switched to color. We come out onto the field and while it was empty and there were no players or victorious outcome. Just a group of kids surrounded by the silence of memories when 50,000 plus stuffed it to thunderous capapcity. This defined Steeler football for me. Just knowing that you were in a special place come gamedays. Guess thats why I can get over those AFCC losses. I know we are one of only 32 cities who can experience that feeling on gamedays.
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