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Default Re: Adam Vinatieri a Colt

source? lol i had a feeling this might happen when they didnt shell out mega bucks for james. its probably worth an extra million a year to ditch vanderjact (next stop boston?) and twist the knife in the patriots back. this would probably be a great career move for vinatieri to move indoors, add an extra 5 yds or so to his kicks and not have the weather to deal with. little do the colts know is they wont have that belichick/brady pixie dust to sprinkle on his foot before every critical kick.

what ive been hearing on sirius is that the pats are just letting him shop around to set the market and then the pats will pretty much match the highest offer in hopes that its not more than it would be to franchise him and they save a few bucks. id be offended. pretty risky to not just deal with him up front and hope for a "were gonna win the next 5 championships" discount.

i think he goes back to the pats but it would definitely be a better story if he goes to indy. personally, if hes ever gonna win it again, id rather see him win another ring with indy, rather than with the pats. wouldnt that be funny seeing vinatieri kicking a game winning kick in foxboro for someone other than the pats?
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