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Default Re: Go Broncos!!!

Boise State's schedule seems to be a double edged sword to me. On the one hand, now that they have beaten their one elite oppenent ( I believe they still play Oregon State though which will be a decent test) it looks like they have a fairly easy road to the title game. On the other hand, do they deserve a spot in the BCS Championship game over say a one lose Big Ten or SEC team who may have played 5 or 6 ranked schools.

The whole system is bogus. The NCAA needs to make a playoff system.

Personally I would like to see an 8 team playoff with a reseeding system that would allow for the existence of bowl games. As an example say the 8 seed and 7 seed both lose in the first round. Then those two teams would play each other in like the Sugr Bowl or Rose Bowl. This would give the 4 BCS Bowls and a playoff.
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