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Default Re: Adam Vinatieri a Colt

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I subscribe to both "The Sporting News" and "ESPN The Magazine" and neiher of them had AV higher that MV...I've also seen nothing from any reputable source online that differed.

But, hey, regional bias is MY fault I guess, right?

The funny thing is I wasn't trying to be controversial at all, just state that the two were practically interchangable.
You don't need to subscribe to a magazine, or be from NE, to see what Vinatieri is.

Let me ask you Suit. If there are 15 seconds left on the clock, it's 18 degrees, the wind is blowing, you're at home, you're on your opponents 32 yard line, the score is 19 to 17 against you, you have to pick either AV or MV to make the kick for you, who do you pick?
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