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Default Re: Censorship Criteria?

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
First off - I moved this thread to the Feedback forum where it belongs.

Second - If you had violated a rule by posting a particular thread, you would have been warned or infracted and the thread would have been deleted.

Third - there is nothing wrong with posting constructive criticism on any topic, player, coach, etc. When that constructive criticism becomes DESTRUCTIVE, as it had in the thread you posted, then it becomes a problem. The topic of Bruce Arians (and several of the Steelers players) around here ignites flame wars because there is a small fraction of members who believe BA should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, and a large fraction who don't. We've had "BA sucks " threads clogging up the Steelers forum since TC began and many complaints about the same broken record being played over and over and over again. I strongly believed that the thread you started was going nowhere fast and was once again - the same broken record being played - and that is why I locked it down. When I first saw it, I just knew it was going to turn south but I let it go for a few days to prove me wrong, which it didn't. As Mods, Gary and I have the discretion of deciding which threads are going to create problems and either deleting them or locking them down. I viewed your thread as a thread that was going to create yet another BA melee and as such, I closed it down.

Last but not least, this board is becoming a breeding ground for whining and negativity and coming off of a Super Bowl winning season, I find that disgusting and it is dragging this board down, which neither Gary or I will allow to happen. We spend countless hours moderating this board by the standards our Board Administrator set when this board was birthed almost 5 years ago, and believe it or not - we do this on OUR FREE TIME and voluntarily.

This board is, for the most part, unlike any other Steelers or sports BB out there. We welcome all NFL fans and ask that they be respected as much as Steelers fans unless they are here to stir the pot. We also pride ourselves in trying to maintain a "family friendly" atmosphere, as we have members of all ages - from 12 to 70. We do not promote vulgar language, porn, or flame wars like some of the other boards seem to do.

All I can tell ya, bud, is that if you have a problem with the way this board is moderated, you are free to PM the Administrator and lodge your complaints.
attention !!!

1000 obama whine threads = good .......arians thread = whining and negativity ...any libs arguing with a republican will be banned.for even the slightest violation we perceive !!!

attention !!! ... any threads with content that gary and i disagree with will be locked down immediately... anyone questioning our hypocritical ways shall be banned...that is all.
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