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Default Re: TE Factoids, How important are they, anyway?

Ironcitychef....I do enjoy looking at numbers and trying to figure what they represent/don't represent v. what they were intended to represent.

That being the case, I should say that the guy who wrote the article is the one compiling the data and doing a pretty good job of it IMO. I'm just trying to pick it apart.

I think, as with almost anything in stats, there absolutely isn't a cause-effect relationship between involving the TE in the passing game and winning the Superbowl. Now there might be a correlation between the two. I think you have to first determine how much involvement by the TE in the passing game is acceptable as "enough" or "ample." Since the guy looks at percentages, maybe rising into the double-digits of percentages is a market for adequate usage. That's just a subjective mark on my behalf but since we were sitting at 6.5% last year, a move to 10% would be a 65% increase. The 6.5% of course represents the TE receiving yards as a percentage of total receiving yards by the team. Ultimately, I think you have to set your own acceptable mark for TE involvement. There might be some kind of objective standard that could be accepted to reduce biases and errors. But it probably won't come from me. Football stats seem inherently subjective to least how they're interpreted so different personalities will see and use them differently.

That said, I noticed he updated his thread this morning to look at the 39 Superbowl winners and how they spread the ball around. This includes to the TE but also the WR's and RB's.

I'm not sure if I should cut and paste what he posted today or not. I don't want it to come across as though I wrote/compiled the data because I didn't. But he posted it under a section of the board where you have to register for the board to view the info. So I'll post the link for anyone really interested in viewing the numbers. In the meantime, I'll try to contact the guy via email to see if it's okay if I copy/paste and post any more of his info for others to see.

Here's the link:
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